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“OLIAS LIVE in CONCERT” the complete video

Thanks to all of the musicians and collaborators who made this possible. A 45 minute journey of music and the spirit, with Jon’s voice joining the choir for the final song . . . it was truly a magical evening.  So, just press play and enjoy the ride . . .


We were thrilled to have Jon live ‘via skype’ with us on Earth Day at UMASS LOWELL for a very unscripted and a heart-felt conversation before the show. Because the audio quality on skype was sketchy, I will include a portion of his remarks here.

“Before human beings, on this planet Earth, there was music — birds sing, animals sing, the ocean sings, the wind, the trees . . . the earth sings, and this is the idea of OLIAS . . .”

Amazing insights from the author and composer himself, and a powerful opening to a powerful night of music. To hear the rest listen to the video. Jon also hinted that he would like to come and do the show live with us . . . stay tuned!

Guest Blogger Robin Hodson of MUSIC FIRST shares his views on OLIAS, and its influence on his musical life…

He writes:

“Olias of Sunhillow is an extraordinary work – it comes from a time when you listened from start to finish to a record, as a holistic experience, and to this day, I think Olias should be listened to like that – as a true “concept” album.

I was 12 when I first heard it, and can remember vividly the profound affect it had on me – mostly because it simply doesn’t sound like any other record, plus because of the beauty of the lyrics and vocals.  It seemed that you could “lose yourself’ in the record, and I was endlessly fascinated about the sound world it inhabits, and the unique sonorities – because there were so many layers and waves of sound coming at you, at times it’s really hard to tell what exactly is playing – you just know that it’s like no other. Part folk, part world music, part ambient, part electronica, woven throughout by this otherworldy voice and the stream of consciousness lyrics.

Then there was the cover and artwork for Olias – again entrancing (so much better with VINYL than with the tiny CD artwork!).  To a 12 year old with hippy aspirations, the world of the Moorglade Mover, Ranyart, Qoquaq and other strange words I couldn’t understand, all lent to the mysticism and mystery of it all – a very far cry from the “standard” rock n’ roll lyrics and storylines of the time – I didn’t even know what Yes was when I heard Olias, but I immediately went out to find Relayer and Topographic Oceans, and everything that came before it.

I discovered that all the members of the band Yes had taken a sabbatical to create their own solo records – it’s amazing that Jon’s in a way sounds the least like Yes, even though he was the founder and singer.  Later I learned that he had shut himself away to make the record, with a pile of instruments and a multi track tape recorder – I immediately dreamed of being able to do this – I guess Mike Oldfield was the first to do something similar, with Tubular Bells a few years before.  To a trained musician, the harmonic language that Jon creates in Olias is amazing for someone who was a self confessed beginner at playing many of the instruments. In particular the tribal elements of the drums, the synth texturing, and the layers of acoustic guitar were woven so intricately – how do you conjure up a vision of something on that harmonic scale that fits together so well?

At my private school in England, we had school assembly at the start of each day, during which a few minutes of music was usually played on record (mostly worthy classical music). My older brother was a senior, and he got to choose the music one day – and chose “Sound Out The Galleon” – goodness knows what went through the minds of the rest of the school that day, with it blasting out across the auditorium, but I was in seventh heaven….there’s still really nothing like the sound of Olias of Sunhillow, including in Jon’s own solo output (I think Angel’s Embrace from 1995 possibly comes closest). Go and buy it and then lose yourself in it!”

Robin Hodson

Here you see the method for painting the backdrop for our live production of Jon Anderson’s OLIAS. This was a nice project for a Spring afternoon. Materials were sourced very cheaply, and the result is out of this world.

The Music is “Chords” from side 2 of OLIAS – a most beautiful enharmonic chord progression.

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And now a word from the Author . . .

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 4.14.41 PM

And now a word from the Author . . .

This is a screen shot from a video Jon sent for us to use in our production. We’ll be accompanying his voice and playing “live” with our chorus and musicians while he is on tour on the other side of the world.

What an amazing thing to have his blessing on the show in this form. Thanks Jon !

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“To Build the Moorglade…”

In this clip you get to see some of the grassroots stage design that we are using – relying on creativity and using only reused and repurposed materials. With the help of Justin and his 1901 Singer sewing machine, ordinary thrift store fabric becomes the sails for the “Moorglade Mover” – audio is low-fi but captures the drive and exuberance of this musical moment.

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“Solid Space” – 1st Rehearsal w. Chorus

This synth-heavy piece has so deep polyrhythmic layers, as well as Scottish melodic motives. Some of the cascading lines and mediant chordal relationships bring to mind “Sirenes” by Debussy – another very spacey pieces with an oceanic feel.
The lyrics also suggest a relationships with the Syrens of Greek mythology . . .

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Tickets are now Available – FREE but limited

Tickets are now Available – FREE but limited

Please use these links to reserve your ticket for one of our three shows –


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OPENING CHORUS – “Meeting/Garden & Galleon”

Jon Anderson’s “Olias of Sunhillow” has been called a ‘space-opera’ and if it is then this is the opening chorus . . . Here is our group doing a first-read of this harmonically cyclic opening chorus – which sets both the “nautical” and “cosmic” feelings of this musical adventure as only Jon Anderson could deliver! – Sound out the Galleon!

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Fight Corporate Control of H20

Fight Corporate Control of H20

Water is a basic human right – right? Well some people think that it’s a commodity – like stocks, like oil, or like insurance! So if you like the way Mega-Corporations are handling those three things – you would hate to have them controlling your drinking water – the quality – and what you pay for it.

It sounds scary, but this coporatization & privatization of municipal drinking water is already underway in Europe – Portugal and Berlin in particular – and this organization is fighting back!    Which side are you on?

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